Department of Management, Society and Communication

Nicolai Blegvad
Teaching Assistant

Nicolai Thomsen
Presentation and academic fields

Within the discipline of AI and machine learning, I am particularly interested in NLP/NLU, LLMs, generative AI and human intelligence in AI systems, with a focus on applied data science - Translating advanced technologies to business impact. 

Professional and/or academic experience

At NTT DATA, I work in a dual role as a data scientist in DATA X, and as a AI strategist in our Global AI Office.
At CBS, I serve as an external assistant lecturer. During the sprint semesters, I teach AI and ML. During the fall semesters, I focus on NLP/NLU research.


Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

As in industrial AI projects, my approach to teaching, research and supervision is to prioritise simplicity and agility. I try to make my teaching interactive with quizzes, case work and hands-on exercises.
I supervise in all fields related to AI and machine learning.


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