Department of Management, Society and Communication


Room: DH.V.2.41
Macon Holt

My research interests are in the role that fictions play in various forms and modes of cultural production from works of art, to organizational structures, to markets and popular culture. I have previously used this approach to study the politics of post financial crisis popular music.  I am a part of the research team lead by Associate Professor, Ana Alacovska, on the Sapere Aude research project, "Operative Fictions: how popular culture genres get-in-action in social life".

Primary research areas
  • Operative Fictions
  • Popular Culture
  • Cultural Theory
  • Popular Music
  • Media Theory
Social media
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  • Culture in a Global Business Context
Selected publications

Holt. M. (2020). The Entertainment. In H. Schulze (Ed.) The Bloomsbury Handbook for the Anthropology of Sound. New York: Bloomsbury Academic. (Forthcoming).

Holt. M. (2020). The Sonic Fiction of Sound Art: A Background to the Theory-Fiction of Sound. In H. Schulze, S. Krogh Groth (Ed.), The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art (pp. 319–335).  New York: Bloomsbury Academic.

Holt. M. (2019). Pop Music and Hip Ennui: A Sonic Fiction of Capitalist Realism. New York: Bloomsbury Academic.