Department of Management, Society and Communication

Associate professor

Room: DH.V.2.110

I am mostly interested in the interfaces of academia and practice (engaged scholarship), communicating and organizing (Communication Constitutes Organization), communication and social / organizational context (Text production as social (inter)action). My research also investigates the discourses of Public-Private Partnerships, Co-Creation, and Change.

Primary research areas

Organizational Communication

Change communication

Discourse of public-private-partnership

Text production as social interaction: Communities of practice and Discourse Communities

Information and Communication Technologies

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Medieudvikling og digital kommunikation (Development of Media and Digital Communication)


Bachelor thesis, Projects, Master theses, Internship reports

Other teaching activities

Academic introduction, Introduction to projects and thesis writing,  Academic Writing, Communication Case Competition

Selected publications

Pogner, Karl-Heinz (2012): A social perspective on writing in the workplace: Communities of Discourse (DC) and Communities of Practice (CoP). In: Rothkegel, Annely & Sonja Ruda (eds.): Communication on and via technology. Berlin & Boston: De Gruyter Mouton: 83-107.  

Krogh, Morten Petersen & Karl-Heinz Pogner (2009): Between administration and change: Assessing distances and analyzing strategies to build bridges in the Public Sector.  Paper presenter at: 27th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism. SCOS 2009. The Bridge: Connection, Separation, Organization. Copenhagen, 08-11.07.2009.

Pogner, Karl-Heinz (2003): Writing in the discourse community of engineering. In: Journal of Pragmatics 35: 855-867.

Jakobs, Eva-Maria; Knorr, Dagmar & Karl-Heinz Pogner (eds.) (1999): Textproduktion. Hypertext, Text, Kontext (Textproduktion und Medium 5). Frankfurt/Main: Lang. 320 p.

Pogner, Karl-Heinz (1999): Schreiben im Beruf als Handeln im Fach (Forum für Fachsprachen-Forschung 46). Tübingen: Narr. 360 p.

Publications sorted by:
Karl-Heinz Pogner / Leading Cities : Leadership and Urban Governance in Denmark.
In: Conference Proceedings: The 4th International Conference on Responsible Leadership Leadership Challenges that Matter 15 & 16 March 2017 . Pretoria : Gordon Institute of Business Science 2017, 2 p.
Conference abstract in proceedings > peer review
Karl-Heinz Pogner; Vibeke Ankersborg / Rigor AND Relevance : Challenges of Master Thesis Writing at the Copenhagen Business School.
In: Curriculum at the Interface: The European Higher Education Area and Copenhagen Business School. . ed. /Charles Thomas Tackney; Mette Zølner. Briarcliff Manor, NY : Academy of Management 2017
Article in proceedings > peer review
Karl-Heinz Pogner; Dagmar Knorr / Vom Schreiben zum "Texten" : Akademische Textproduktion unter den Bedingungen von Mehrsprachigkeit .
In: Fremdsprachen Lehren und Lernen, Vol. 44, No. 1, 2015, p. 110-122
Journal article > peer review
Betty Tsakarestou; Karl-Heinz Pogner / Cities as Platforms for Co-creating Experience-based Business and Social Innovations : An Experimental Approach.
Paper presented at The Seventh Art of Management and Organization Conference. 2014, 2014
Paper > peer review
Karl-Heinz Pogner / Globalization, Identity and T-shirt Communication
In: Global Textile Encounters. ed. /Marie-Louise Nosch; Zhao Feng; Lotika Varadarajan. Oxford : Oxbow Books 2014, p. 283-294 (Ancient Textiles Series, Vol. 20)
Book chapter > peer review
Karl-Heinz Pogner / Writing
In: Routledge Encyclopedia of Language Teaching and Learning. ed. /Michael Byram; Adelheid Hu. Abingdon : Routledge 2013, p. 776-779
Book chapter > peer review
Karl-Heinz Pogner / A Social Perspective on Writing in the Workplace : Communities of Discourse (CD) and Communities of Practice (CoP).
In: Communication on and via Technology. ed. /Annely Rothkegel; Sonja Ruda. Berlin : Mouton de Gruyter 2012, p. 83-107 (Text, Translation, Computational Processing, Vol. 10)
Book chapter > peer review
Karl-Heinz Pogner / Kreatives Schreiben und Schreibwerkstatt
In: Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache: Ein Internationales Handbuch. . ed. /Hans-Jürgen Krumm; Christian Fandrych; Britta Hufeisen; Claudia Riemer. Vol. 2, Berlin : Mouton de Gruyter 2010, p. 1583-1588 (Handbuecher zur Sprach- und Kommunikationswissenschaft, No. 35.2, Vol. 2010)
Book chapter > peer review
Karl-Heinz Pogner; Morten Krogh Petersen / Between Administration and Change : Assessing Distances and Analyzing Strategies to Build Bridges in the Public Sector.
In: Proceedings of SCOS 20092009
Article in proceedings > peer review
Karl-Heinz Pogner / Schreibtraining in Dänemark : Das Kursusangebot zum Writing at Work.
In: Berufliches Schreiben: Ausbildung, Training, Coaching. . ed. /Eva-Maria Jakobs; Katrin Lehnen. Frankfurt : Peter Lang 2008, p. 105-122 (Textproduktion und MEdium, No. 9)
Book chapter > peer review
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