Conference – From Rio to Roskilde

Sharing ideas and knowledge to create a more sustainable Roskilde Festival was the main purpose of conference - From Rio to Roskilde


From Rio to Roskilde

The conference From Rio to Roskilde took place January 21, 2014 in Copenhagen. The conference was arranged by Aalborg University, CBS, Dansk Industri, and Roskilde Festival to share knowledge and ideas related to food waste, waste management, and new types of dwelling at Roskilde Festival.

At the conference, speakers were invited to share their perspectives on how to create a more sustainable environment at Roskilde Festival such as “nudging” presented by Cass R. Sunstein, one of Barack Obama’s advisors. One of the primary principles in “nudging” is to push and to guide the consumers in a specific direction by giving them limited options to choose from. During the conference, participants got the change to listen to local and global examples of sustainability and how Roskilde Festival can become more sustainable. The main focus was on how these initiatives could become a reality through collaboration between companies, voluenters, and participants.


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