Claus Meyer new joint adjunct professor at CBS

Claus Meyer is Adjunct Professor in Sustainable Gastro Entrepreneurship


Claus Meyer

On 29 Oct 2014, Department of Intercultural Communication and Management together with Department of Organisation – in the spirit of the Sharing Economy - celebrated the appointment of Claus Meyer as our new joint Adjunct Professor in Sustainable Gastro Entrepreneurship. Joint, because Claus Meyer’s achievements speak to, inspire and are deeply relevant for both our departments.

In his Inaugural Lecture, Claus outlined the trajectory of his professional development, the passion and values that have driven and continue to drive and give direction to his unique career. Entrepreneurship runs through all of Claus’ manifold initiatives, as do sustainability and corporate responsibility – together pushing the boundaries of the broader food and gastro field and its role as a site for both social innovation & entrepreneurship, sustainable business-cum-societal development, and, importantly, meaningful social interaction and revitalisation of our capacity to savour food.

Claus, CEO of the Meyer Group, is a CBS alumnus. He graduated in 1991, with a MSc in Business, Language and Culture (then known as SPRØK). In addition to his new affiliation to CBS – coming full circle! – Claus is also affiliated with Life Science, University of Copenhagen, as External Lecturer.

Photo from left: Per Holten-Andersen, Claus Meyer, Dorte Salskov-Iversen and Kristian Kreiner

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