Invitation to Book Launch with Associate Professor Christer Ljungwall

The book 'Chinese Private Enterprises’ is written by Associate Professor Christer Ljungwall, INT, Professor Xingyuan Feng (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China) and Professor Guangwen He (China Agricultural University, China)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - 14:00 to 15:00
‘The Ecology of Ch‘The Ecology of Chinese Private Enterprises’ focuses on the study of the environment for the survival and development of Chinese private enterprises. It analyzes the historical development and current overall development of private enterprises in China, their number, size structure, contribution to GDP, employment and tax revenue, and size of investment. It summarizes the laws and regulations relating to the development of private enterprises. It assesses their survival environment in comparison with SOEs' and from the perspective of entrepreneurs. The book also addresses the problems with the protection of property rights of private enterprises, their market entry, their capital mobility and their own management. It concludes with the analysis of the main factors hindering the development of private enterprises in China and some policy recommendations for improving the environment for their survival and development.
Associate Professor Christer Ljungwall is the Swedish Science Counsellor to China and works for the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis, as the Head of Office of Science and Innovation of the Swedish Embassy. He is also Associate Professor in Economics at Copenhagen Business School. Christer has spent five years as visiting fellow at the prestigious China Center for Economic Research at Peking University and one year as Sr. Country Economist at Asian Development Bank in Mongolia. Furthermore, Christer is participating as international adviser at several Chinese think tanks. He is active in a number of research projects with particular emphasis on China's economy. His areas of specialization are economic growth, institutions and regional development, macro-finance stability, and local-central government relations in China. Christer publishes regularly in international academic journals, is the author of two books and numerous reports and other articles. He frequently gives comments in open media in Sweden, China, India, and Mongolia. He holds a PhD in Economics from Gothenburg University.
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