'From Main Street to Wall Street' - New book by Professor Jesper Rangvid

'From Main Street to Wall Street' by Professor Jesper Rangvid investigates the relationship between stock markets and the economy.



In the long run, economies grow. Over the shorter-term business cycle, economic activity contracts and expands. In his new book ‘From Main Street to Wall Street’ Professor Jesper Rangvid examines the long-run relation between economic growth and stock returns and the shorter-term business-cycle relation. The book investigates the complex relationship between the economy and the stock market, and guides readers through the fascinating interaction between economic activity and financial markets.

'From Main Street to Wall Street' draws heavily on data, supporting academic theories with empirical facts, and backing up arguments in intuitive ways. It discusses how investors can use knowledge of economic activity and financial markets to formulate expectations to future stock returns, and helps scholars and practitioners navigate financial markets by understanding the economy.

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