Pension Research Centre (PeRCent)

PhD students

Current PhD students

Frederik B. Christensen

Maximilian Fuchs

Jón Guðjónsson

Nicolai Søgaard Laursen

Tim Maurer

Sigurdur Pall Olafsson

Christina Petersen

David Pinkus

Oliver-Alexander Press

Shuolin Shi


Former PhD students and placements

Henrik Yde Andersen, Danmarks Nationalbank
PhD Thesis: Essays on Debt and Pensions

Rasmus Jørgensen, ATP
PhD Thesis: Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing and Private Equity

Alexander Kronies, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners
PhD Thesis: Opportunities and Risks in Alternative Investments

Rikke Sejer Nielsen, CBS
PhD Thesis: Mortgage Decisions of Households: Consequences for Consumption and Savings

Þorsteinn Sigurður SveinssonCentral Bank of Iceland
PhD Thesis: Essays on Macroeconomic Implications of Demographic Change

Filipe Vieira, KPMG Acor Tax
PhD Thesis: Essays on Pensions and Fiscals Sustainability

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