Department of Digitalization

Katrine Frost
PhD fellow

Room: HOW/60-3.15

Katrine has deep theoretical knowledge on digital partnering, obtained through an BSc and MSc in Int. Business, as well as in her current capacity as Ph.D. Fellow at CBS, Department of Digitalization. Her research investigates the changing nature of scale and scaling in the digital age – specifically in the context of int. partnerships as a scaling vehicle. The empirical setting of her research is constituted by her industrial partner - the Danish Chamber of Commerce, their collaborators, and business members. During 2022 Katrine was a visiting fellow at the University of Miami. Her teaching docket includes the following courses: 

(1) Digital Strategy - HA(it), 2019
(2) E-Commerce Strategies and Practices: A Global Perspective - Cand.Merc elective, 2019
(3) Digital Transformation of Business - Designed for Digital - Cand.Merc elective, 2021
(4) Business Model and Value Chains in the Digital Economy - BSC Dm, 2024 

Katrine has 10+ years of practical experience with int. partnerships – 6 of which stationed in Germany and Kenya. Through her previous roles as export manager, int. project coordinator, int. business advisor, bord member, and entrepreneur, she has mastered a wide range of skills related to international partnerships – including partner profiling, partner identification, partner matchmaking, partner financing, partner training, and partner conflict mediation. Latest, Katrine held a position as Internationalization Adviser at Zealand Business Hub, where she served as the regional link between The Trade Council and SMEs in Region Zealand - a synergy that has provided her with unique functional resources at hand, and a worldwide specialist network on international partnering.

By bridging practice and theory Katrine is able to combine her first-hand understanding of international partnership practices and challenges, with the latest research on digital partnering strategies. This affords her a unique digital partnering skill-set and enables engagement with students and practitioners alike on future export partnering.

Primary research areas
  • Global e-commerce
  • Digital partnering
  • Digital scaling
  • Digital innovation
  • Digital strategy
  • Digital transformation
Social media
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  • Projects with a grounding in qualitative methodologies, and an orientation towards international business in the digital age. 
Publications sorted by:
Katrine Frost Folkmann; Jonas Hedman; Michel Avital / A Typology of Digital Offerings
In: Proceedings of the 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. ed. /Tung X. Bui. Honolulu : Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 2022, p. 6383-6392 (Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences)
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Research Projects
Outside activities

2023 and onwards:

  • Training and consulting on the topic of ’Future Export Partnering’.