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Room: HOW/60-3.11
+45 3815 2465

Arisa Shollo is an associate professor at the department of Digitalization. Before joining academia she has worked as IT business and project portfolio analyst in the industry. This experience inspired her Industrial PhD project and studies - a collaboration between Danske Bank and CBS. In her research she uses organizational, behavioural and cognitive concepts in order to better understand how organizations and decision makers use technologies, data and information in decision making processes. She has published her work in international journals such as Journal of Strategic Information Systems and Information Systems Journal and presented her work at a number of major international conferences, including Academy of Management, EGOS, NFMOC, ICIS and ECIS, IPDMC. 

Primary research areas
  • The role of Data and Information in Organizational Decision Making
  • Digitalization and Power Dynamics 
  • Decision Support Systems, BI, Big Data and AI
Administrative tasks

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  • Decision Making for Strategy Execution , CM, CBS
  • A Digital Battle field: How to Compete Against the Internet Giants CM IT, CBS
  • Information Economics and Business, CM IT, CBS
  • Data driven decision making /Evidence based management
  • BI, BA and Big Data in strategic management and innovation processes
  • IT Project portfolio management and IT governance
  • Information and Knowledge Management
Other teaching activities

Office Hours:
Wednesdays 13:00-15:00

Selected publications

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Christian Casper Hofma; Arisa Shollo; Ioanna Constantiou / Immersive Virtual Environments in Organizational Routines of an Architectural Office
In: Proceedings of the Eightieth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. ed. /Guclu Atinc. Briarcliff Manor, NY : Academy of Management 2020 (Academy of Management Proceedings)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Arisa Shollo; Margunn Aanestad; Kalle Lyytinen; Magnus Mahring; Peter Axel Nielsen; Carsten Sørensen / Panel 4: A Nordic Sociotechnical Perspective on Artificial Intelligence Phenomena
In: Proceedings of the 28th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS): A Virtual AIS Conference. Atlanta, GA : Association for Information Systems. AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) 2020 (Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Arisa Shollo; Xiao Xiao / Back to the Future : De-sequencing Time with Video Assistant Referee Technology.
In: Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). ed. /Helmut Krcmar; Jane Fedorowicz; Wai Fong Boh; Jan Marco Leimeister; Sunil Wattal. Atlanta, GA : Association for Information Systems. AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) 2019 (Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Ioanna Constantiou; Arisa Shollo; Morten Thanning Vendelø / Mobilizing Intuitive Judgement during Organizational Decision Making : When Business Intelligence Is Not the Only Thing That Matters.
In: Decision Support Systems, Vol. 121, No. June, 6.2019, p. 51-61
Journal article > peer review
Ioanna Constantiou; Arisa Shollo; Kristian Kreiner; Morten Thanning Vendelø / Digitization in Maritime Industry : Coping with a Vessel's Engine Failure.
In: ECIS 2017 ProceedingsAtlanta, GA : Association for Information Systems. AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) 2017, p. 1663-1677 (Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems)
Article in proceedings > peer review
John K. Christiansen; Arisa Shollo; Claus Varnes / Do Managers Translate Competitiveness into the Same Decision Criteria Used for Product Development?
In: Proceedings of the 23rd Innovation and Product Development Management Conference: Crossing Borders and Boundaries: The Changing Role of Innovation/Entrepreneurship. Brussels : European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management 2016 (EIASM Conference Proceedings Series)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Ioanna D. Constantiou; Arisa Shollo; Morten Thanning Vendelø / Making Space for Intuition in Decision-Making : The Case of Project Prioritization.
In: Uncertainty and Strategic Decision Making. ed. /Kristian J. Sund; Robert J. Galavan; Anne Sigismund Huff. Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing 2016, p. 147-169 (New Horizons on Managerial and Organisational Cognition, Vol. 1)
Book chapter > peer review
Arisa Shollo; Robert D. Galliers / Towards an Understanding of the Role of Business Intelligence Systems in Organisational Knowing
In: Information Systems Journal, Vol. 26, No. 4, 2016, p. 339-367
Journal article > peer review
Arisa Shollo; Ioanna Constantiou; Kristian Kreiner / Knowledge Integration in Developing Distant Problem Solving Processes : The Case of Diesel Engine Failure in Cargo Vessels.
Paper presented at The 31st EGOS Colloquium 2015, 2015
Paper > peer review
Arisa Shollo; Ioanna Constantiou; Kristian Kreiner / The Interplay Between Evidence and Judgment in the IT Project Prioritization Process
In: Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Vol. 24, No. 3, 2015, p. 171-188
Journal article > peer review
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