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Benjamin Ask
Assistant professor

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Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen

Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen is a postdoc at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at CBS. He is a member of the Centre for Business History and affiliated with the Centre for Civil Society Studies. Benjamin holds an MA and PhD in Political Science from University of Copenhagen, and has been a visiting scholar at The New School for Social Research, Columbia University and Uppsala University.
His research centres on the history of political, economic, and legal thought as well as contemporary political theory and social thought. Benjamin works in intersection between intellectual history, political theory, law, and sociology, and is especially interested in the historical, political, and conceptual relation between capitalism and democracy.
Benjamin is engaged in the ‘Getting to Norden: Comparisons of Associative and Corporatist Governance’, where he researches the history of the Nordic labour movements. See more:


Primary research areas
  • History of political, economic, and legal thought.
  • Political theory and social thought.
  • History of capitalism
  • Civil society, democracy, and associative politics.
  • Business in society
Social media
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  • Strategy and Contemporary Diagnostics, HA (kom.), 1. semester (course (co-)coordinator).
  • Capitalism! Competition, Crisis and Transformation, BSc (Soc.), BA elective.
  • Philosophy of Science, HA(almen), 5. Semester.
  • Political and Economic Thought, BSc (IBP), 1. Semester.
  • Transforming the Corporation, MA elective.
Publications sorted by:
Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen / Non-domination and Constituent Power : Socialist Republicanism versus Radical Democracy.
In: Philosophy & Social Criticism, Vol. 49, No. 10, 12.2023, p. 1182-1199
Journal article > peer review
Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen / The Theory of the Firm and the Spectre of Marx
Abstract from The National and the International, 2023
Conference abstract for conference > peer review
Rune Møller Stahl; Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen / Defending Democracy : Militant and Popular Models of Democratic Self-defense.
In: Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory, Vol. 29, No. 3, 9.2022, p. 310-328
Journal article > peer review
Andreas Møller Mulvad; Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen / From Neo-republicanism to Socialist Republicanism : Antonio Gramsci, the European Council Movements and the ‘Second Republican Revival’.
In: Theoria: A Journal for Social and Political Theory, Vol. 69, No. 171, 6.2022, p. 97-118
Journal article > peer review
Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen / Nordic Labour Republicanism: Another Road Not Taken? : Another Road Not Taken?.
Abstract from Bureaucratic Voluntarism, 2022, p. 8-9
Conference abstract for conference > peer review
David Guerrero; Bru Laín; Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen / Radical Republicanism : Democracy, Property and Rights.
In: Theoria: A Journal for Social and Political Theory, Vol. 69, No. 171, 2022, 8 p., p. v-xii
Editorial > peer review
David Guerrero (Editor) ; Bru Laín (Editor) ; Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen (Editor) / Radical Republicanism: Democracy, Property and Rights
New York City : Berghahn 2022 (Theoria: A Journal for Social and Political Theory, No. 171, Vol. 69)
Anthology > peer review
Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen; Mathias Hein Jessen; Andreas Møller Mulvad / The Spirits of Democratic Enterprise : Insights from the Case of Denmark.
In: Management & Organizational History, Vol. 17, No. 1-2, 2022, p. 1-19
Journal article > peer review
Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen; Mikkel Flohr / Three Concepts of Freedom of Assembly: Liberal, Social Democratic, Revolutionary
Abstract from Radical Politics beyond or through Representative Institutions?, 2022
Conference abstract for conference > peer review
Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen / Between Constituent Power and Political Form : Toward a Theory of Council Democracy.
In: Political Theory, Vol. 49, No. 1, 2.2021, p. 54-82
Journal article > peer review
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