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Susana Borrás is professor on innovation and governance. As a social scientist expert on public policy, two of her leading questions are, what governments can do to foster and to improve socio-technical innovation in the economy, and what makes some decisions regarding socio-technical and innovation change to be democratically legitimate and others not. Her main attention is in the European Union, both at the supra-national level as well as national and regional levels. She advices regularly innovation policy-makers, is member of the editorial board of 5 scientific journals, and has non-executive leadership responsibilities seating in several boards.

Primary research areas
  • Innovation policy and innovation systems
  • Governance of science and innovation
  • European Union governance
  • Policy instruments
  • New modes of governance
Curriculum Vitae
Social media
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  • Business and Global Governance (BPOL – BSc International Business and Politics program)
  • The European Market and Business Strategy (BA elective)
  • Master Thesis coordination & seminars (Cand Merc Pol – MSc International Business and Politics program)
  • Advanced European Business and Politics (Cand. Ling. Merc. – MA Intercultural Marketing program)
  • Social Science Research Design and Methods (PhD course)

She supervises at Ph.D., Master thesis, and Bachelor thesis levels in the areas related to her teaching and research.

Selected publications
  • Borrás, Susana and Edquist, Charles: Holistic Innovation Policy: Theoretical Foundations, Policy Problems and Instrument Choices. Monography forthcoming in 2017 Oxford University Press.
  • Borrás, S and Seabrooke, L (eds) (2015): Sources of National Institutional Competitiveness. Oxford University Press.
  • Borrás, S and Højlund, S. (2015): “Evaluation and Policy Learning – The Learners’ Perspective”, in European Journal of Political Research vol 54 (1) pp. 99–120
  • Borrás, Susana (2012):”Three Tensions in the Governance of Science and Technology” in Levi-Faur, David (ed): The Oxford Handbook of Governance Oxford University Press. Pp 429-440.
  • Borrás, Susana and Radaelli, Claudio M. (2011): "The Politics of Governance Architectures: Creation, Change and Effects of the EU Lisbon Strategy" introduction for a special issue on the Lisbon Strategy, Journal of European Public Policy, vol. 18, nr. 4
  • Susana Borrás & Dimitrios Tsagdis (2008): Cluster Policies in Europe: Firms, Institutions and Governance. Cheltenham: Edgar Elgar publishing.
Publications & dissemination
Susana Borrás / Instruments of Transformative Governance : Product Development Partnerships for Neglected Diseases.
Paper presented at 3rd International Conference on Public Policy, 2017
Susana Borrás; Charles Edquist / The Design of Holistic Innovation Policy : Characterizing 22 Policy Problems.
Paper presented at 2017 Annual Conference of the Eu-SPRI Forum, 2017
Susana Borrás / The New Global Governance Architectures on Grand Challenges and State Capacity
Paper presented at 3rd International Conference on Public Policy, 2017
Susana Borrás; Charles Edquist / Conceptual Underpinnings for Innovation Policy Design : Indicators and Instruments in Context.
Paper presented at OECD Blue Sky Forum on Science and Innovation Indicators, 2016
Mart Laatsit; Susana Borrás / Towards a Typology of Innovation System Evaluation Practices : Evidence from EU Member States.
Paper presented at OECD Blue Sky Forum on Science and Innovation Indicators, 2016
Susana Borrás; Jacint Jordana / When Regional Innovation Policies Meet Policy Rationales and Evidence : A Plea for Policy Analysis.
In: European Planning Studies, Vol. 24, No. 12, 12.2016, p. 2133-2153
Journal article
Susana Borrás; Leonard Seabrooke; Vivien Schmidt / Conclusions : Sensemaking and Institutional Change in Comparative Capitalisms.
In: Sources of National Institutional Competitiveness: Sensemaking in Institutional Change . . ed. /Susana Borrás; Leonard Seabrooke. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2015, p. 148-161
Book chapter
Susana Borrás; Charles Edquist / Education, Training and Skills in Innovation Policy
In: Science and Public Policy, Vol. 42, No. 2, 2015, p. 215-227
Journal article
Susana Borrás; Steven Højlund / Evaluation and Policy Learning : The Learners' Perspective.
In: European Journal of Political Research, Vol. 54, No. 1, 2015, p. 99-120
Journal article
Susana Borrás; Charles Edquist / Innovation Policy for Knowledge Production and R&D : The Investment Portfolio Approach.
In: The Economics of Knowledge, Innovation and Systemic Technology Policy. ed. /Francesco Crespi; Francesco Quatraro. New York : Routledge 2015, p. 361-382 (Routledge studies in global competition)
Book chapter
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