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Tom Kirchmaier is Professor of Governance, Risk, Regulation and Compliance at the Centre for Corporate Governance. He is a Professorial Fellow at the Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics. Tom is interested in empirically understanding problems of organizational performance and governance, exploiting the now available large datasets (‘big data’).His primary research areas involve Law and Economics, Policing and Crime, Banks, Money Laundering (AML) and Organsed Crime, as well as Boards (Gender)


Primary research areas
  • AML and Organised Crime
  • Managerial Efficiency
  • Policing Systems
  • Boards, efficiency, and gender
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  • Risk management and compliance: executive
  • Corporate governance and finance: graduate
  • MBA concentration on compliance and risk management: graduate
  • Board training on compliance and risk: executive
  • 1 master student
  • 1 PhD student via the CBS Mentor Program
Selected publications
  • ‘Face-to-Face Communication in Organisations’. Review of Economic Studies: 88(2) 574-609 (2021) (with D. Battiston and J. Blanes i Vidal).
  • ‘The Effect of Police Response Time on Crime Detection’, Review of Economic Studies: 85(2): 855–891 (2018) (with J. Blanes i Vidal).
  • ‘Women on Boards in Finance and STEM Industries’, American Economic Review 106(5): 277-281 (2016) (with R. Adams)
  • ‘Management Insulation and Bank Failure ’. Journal of Financial Intermediation: 47(100909) (2021) (with D. Ferreira, D. Kershaw, and E. Schuster).
  • The Inner Workings of the Board: Evidence from Emerging Markets’, Emerging Markets Review: 48(100777), (September 2021), (with R. DeHaas and D. Ferreira)
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Dan A. Black; Jeffrey Grogger; Tom Kirchmaier; Koen Sanders / Criminal Charges, Risk Assessment, and Violent Recidivism in Cases of Domestic Abuse
Bonn : IZA 2023, 71 p. (IZA Discussion Paper, No. 15885)
Working paper
Diego Battiston; Jordi Blanes i Vidal; Tom Kirchmaier; Katalin Szemeredi / Peer Pressure and Manager Pressure in Organisations
London : Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), London School of Economics and Political Science 2023, 70 p. (CEP Discussion Paper, No. 1924)
Working paper
Shubhangi Agrawal; Tom Kirchmaier; Carmen Villa-Llera / Covid-19 and Local Crime Rates in England and Wales : Two Years into the Pandemic.
London : Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), London School of Economics and Political Science 2022, 24 p. (Covid-19 Analysis Series, Vol. 27)
Kabir Dasgupta; André Diegmann; Tom Kirchmaier; Alexander Plum / The Gender Reveal : The Effect of Sons on Young Fathers’ Criminal Behavior and Labor Market Activities.
In: Labour Economics, Vol. 78, 10.2022
Journal article > peer review
Tom Kirchmaier; Monica Langella; Alan Manning / Commuting for Crime
London : Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), London School of Economics and Political Science 2021, 58 p. (CEP Discussion Paper, No. 1747)
Working paper
Jeffrey Grogger; Sean Gupta; Ria Ivandic; Tom Kirchmaier / Comparing Conventional and Machine-Learning Approaches to Risk Assessment in Domestic Abuse Cases
In: Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, Vol. 18, No. 1, 3.2021, p. 90-130
Journal article > peer review
Tom Kirchmaier; Carsten Gerner-Beuerle / Corporate Governance in South Asia : Trends and Challenges.
Manila : Asian Development Bank 2021, 100 p.
Diego Battiston; Jordi Blanes i Vidal; Tom Kirchmaier / Face-to-Face Communication in Organizations
In: The Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 88, No. 2, 3.2021, p. 574–609
Journal article > peer review
Ria Ivandic; Tom Kirchmaier; Neus Torres-Blas / Football, Alcohol and Domestic Abuse
London : Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), London School of Economics and Political Science 2021, 63 p. (CEP Discussion Paper, No. 1781)
Working paper
Daniel Ferreira; David Kershaw; Tom Kirchmaier; Edmund Schuster / Management Insulation and Bank Failures
In: Journal of Financial Intermediation, Vol. 47, 7.2021
Journal article > peer review
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