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Foucault Studies


The journal aims to provide a forum for discussion of Foucault which goes beyond received orthodoxies, simplifications and uncritical appropriations. In particular, the journal seeks to publish work which utilises not only the more familiar material by Foucault but also the wide range of new material published in the past two decades. Recognising that Foucault's work is being used productively across the globe and across a whole range of disciplines, the journal invites submissions of material that not only deals with his work directly but also material that critiques, updates and augments his claims across very diverse geographical, disciplinary and historical domains. The journal aims to cover the full breadth of these interests, including power, politics, law, history, social and cultural theory, sexuality, race, religion, gender studies, psychoanalysis, philosophy, geography, architecture, education, health studies, management studies, media studies as well as others.


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Danmarks frie forskningsfond


Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

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Simmons University, Academy of Finland, Aarhus University, Laurentian University, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Emerson College



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