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Travel grant application to support a research project on non-Industrial production systems (NIPS) implication for Small and medium firms in Denmark


IntroductionThe non-industrial production systems (NIPS) were the traditional backbone of innovation with varied levels of impact providing the backdrop to the industrial revolution. I propose to explore innovation within NIPS in Denmark and India, with the view to understanding how they have sustained despite the onslaught of the industrial system on their bottom line. This project aims to link relevant NIPS in India with Danish NIPS to explore and expand trade potential at the small and medium scale enterprises. Innovation among NIPS in Denmark and India appears to be richer than we give it credence, for the simple reason, that there are several successful and surviving traditional NIPS, which persist. Furniture design and jewelry are some successful illustrations of NIPS in both countries. The implication from this inquiry will be to support the building of trade opportunities between the two countries while sharing innovative experiences and novel ideas for sustained trade and economic growth.


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Firmaet Hugo Evers & Co’s Studiefond



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