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  • Coordinator: Stefan Gaarsmand Jacobsen

Sustainable Rationalities: The Economic Philosophy of the Sustainability Movement (Sustainable Rationalities)



Since the late 1990s, there has been a great rise in books, articles, white papers and political manifestations from individuals and organizations who share a rhetoric of urgency in establishing a new economic philosophy. They seek economic insights, theories and policies for a global transition to a sustainable society for both people and the climate. This project studies the historical, political and epistemological processes behind this ambition. It claims that around the concept of sustainability, a whole new platform for arguing both politically and scientifically about the economy has emerged. The project ’ s research focus is on leading writers and activists from the international networks, Great Transition Initiative, New Economics Foundation and Friends of the Earth International. The projects investigates how the economic ideas of such actors and groups are shaped and how they have impacted the debates on climate change and the economy over the last 15 years.


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