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  • Coordinator: Timon Beyes

European Haniel Program


The objective is to establish a target course and design for the successful cooperation between the Haniel Foundation and the University of St. Gallen (HSG) that is to be expanded over the next three years to include the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and thus become Europeanized. The objective is therefore specifically tailored to suit the associated research activities in connection with the European Haniel Programme on Entrepreneurship and the Humanities that commences in Autumn 2013. The objective of this funding period is to prepare, discuss and promote a European approach to entrepreneurship involving courses and accompanying research activities and also to ‘Europeanize’ the involvement of the Haniel Foundation. Whereas according to the Articles of Association grants received by the Haniel Foundation relate to the funding of teaching and to the personal development of students, further financial support is required in this regard for activities relating to research and the development of a European network of universities that specialize in economics and business studies. In this context, the planned Workshop and Fellowship Programme is to provide an effective and internationally visible contribution to establishing a European perspective relating to entrepreneurial training both in research and in discourse regarding the future of Management Education.


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