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The Privacy Policies of Internet Intermediaries: High-tech Responsibility in the Multi-stakeholder Nexus (INTERNET PRIVACY)


This project advances and interrelates two new conceptual insights – i.e. the ‘high-tech responsibility’ and ‘multi-stakeholder nexus’ concepts – and uses these concepts to conduct an empirical analysis of the privacy policies, and broader political context, of the four internet intermediaries (IIs) that dominate the European search engine and social media market: i.e. Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! The project employs inductive top down theorizing to construct the two concepts that provide a ‘sensegiving’ function to the project’s problem domain, and uses archival (internet) research, network analysis, and automated semantic network analysis, to empirically analyse the project’s problem domain. The project is at the cutting-edge of research in corporate social responsibility (CSR)/organization studies and internet governance/privacy, and addresses a problem domain of pressing importance to European Union states and citizens. The project contributes to Europe’s research excellence by strengthening ties between leading European scholars and research centres; by contributing to the development of a new field of interdisciplinary scholarship of broad societal importance; and by providing European researchers with ‘first mover’ advantage in this interdisciplinary field. The project will support the researcher’s career development through significantly advancing his long-term career plan to elaborate political understandings of CSR and multi-national corporations (MNCs). It will develop his research approach/methodology, and advance his interdisciplinary knowledge of internet governance/privacy and MNCs. Copenhagen Business School (CBS) – the host institution – has interdisciplinary expertise in CSR/organization studies, internet governance/privacy, and communicative research methods. Accordingly, and given CBS’s ‘business in society’ research strategy more generally, CBS provides the perfect work environment for the project.




Seventh Framework Programme


Department of Intercultural Communication and Management



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