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Diversity in Multinational Corporations (DIVINMNC)


Diversity in Multinational Corporations: A multi-level study of individual, group and organisational implicationsThe globalisation of business and society and the process of European integration and enlargement lead to new challenges related to the increasing diversity and mobility of the global workforce. This study investigates the implications of workforce diversity for the management and organisation of European multinational corporations. Applying a multi-level approach, the proposed project advances our understanding of the influences of managerial, organisational and societal factors on the management of diversity in multinational corporations.The aim of this research project is twofold: First, to provide guidelines for how to effectively manage increasing diversity in European MNCs in the context of EU integration and enlargement, and second, to assess the implications of this diversity on individuals within MNCs. Hence, this study has the potential to influence the policies and organisational practices of European MNCs related to diversity. As such, the project will have impact on individual well being within organisations and will raise political and social awareness about diversity issues in the societies of the European Union






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