AlterEcos: Exploring Alternatives to Currently Dominant Forms of Economic Organizing (AlterEcos)



In the wake of the global financial crisis there was a moment when everyone from media pundits and social protesters to political incumbents and financial investors were rallying to an agenda for change. Reform of the financial sector was the name of the day, but that day has come and gone and now it seems just another case of plus ça change… Have we, despite Philip Mirowski’s (2013) warning to never do so, ‘let a serious crisis go towaste’? The present project takes its point of departure in the nuanced answer to this question that appears when one turns from purely economic explanations to interdisciplinary investigations of the social, political, and communicative causes and consequences of the financial crisis. Studies in this vein have interrogated previously taken for granted truths, disentangled well-established discursive patterns, probed longstanding positions of power, and discovered deep needs for altering the organizational forms that currently dominate the financial sector.


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