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Community Health Innovation: Platform Development and New Models for Preventive Care (PRE+CARE)


The objective of this project is to develop a community health data platform in Odsherred based on local, regional and national databases. Predictive analytics will subsequently be applied to identity ‘high risk’ and ‘rising risk’ citizens who will be offered participation in interventions involving public authorities, private companies and non-profit organisations. At least two interventions linked to diagnoses (diabetes) and age (65+) will be tested during the project. New online technologies to track participant behaviors and outcomes will also be developed to further strengthen the platform. The platform and supportive technologies will also provide input to a new financial model emphasizing outcomes rather than outputs. The project's unique combination of technology, intervention, finance, and communication will create value by improving community health, lowering public costs, and fostering innovation through cross-sector partnerships.


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Collaborative partners:

Odsherred Kommune, Roche Diagnostics, McKinsey , Region Sjælland, IBM Danmark, Urgent Agency, Technical University of Denmark



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