• 16.01.2018

    Try out talent and get projects taken care of at the same time

    Time is money, and so is talent. All companies have areas and possibilities they would like to explore that keep getting put off due to the pressure of clear and present demands to their day-to-day operations. Through CBS CareerGate, you can find students who, through projects or their theses, can help solve these tasks – and perhaps even demonstrate their value as a future employee.
  • 16.01.2018

    The reasons why Danske Bank engages so extensively with CBS

    Danske Bank’s engagement with CBS is one of the broadest and most extensive of its kind. It ranges from support of research over contributions to education and case competitions to participation in CBS’ career activities. CEO Thomas Borgen is the first Executive in Residence at CBS in this academic year, 2017-18. But what does Danske Bank get out of this?
  • 21.12.2017

    A new hope of environmentally friendly world-wide shipping

    Right now the environment is the biggest loser, when our goods travel halfway around the world. CO2, methane and other emissions are among the worst offenders. But with a two-digit million dollar amount from a Canadian council, CBS Maritime is going to help lead a larger global cooperation. The aim is greener shipping.
  • 08.09.2017

    Getting to the heart of entrepreneurship from all approaches

    CBS’ first Business Connect event connected the more than 300 friends of CBS through a three-hour information and insight- packed event, focusing on just about all aspects pertaining to entrepreneurship – spanning from its DNA and nurture to growth prerequisites and Danish government policies.
  • 04.09.2017

    Big league CEOs pay study visits to CBS

    The aim of the initiative is to develop research and education in cooperation with some of the largest recruiters of CBS graduates. The first Executive in Residence will be Danske Bank CEO Thomas F. Borgen.
  • 28.08.2017

    CBS launches the first CBS Business Panel

    The launch of the CBS Business Panel is the latest initiative from CBS Business to help facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration with the business community and society. First panel meeting took place on 23 August.
  • 07.07.2017

    Multi-million grant goes to CBS management research

    Is it possible to better the management of companies by means of an app that whispers wise words to the manager through the phone in the pocket? The Danish Industry Foundation has granted approximately DKK 13 million to three projects which should improve the performance of the Danish manager.
  • 24.05.2017

    CBS professor to ensure future-proof Danish ports

    About three-quarters of Denmark’s foreign trade go through Danish ports. Professor Peter Maskell is the new chair of an expert committee that will analyse the underlying foundation for business and industry in the ports. Here Marskell provides insight to the problems that lurk in the Danish ports.