Nordic Nine

Every choice we make defines the future. How do we share the resources? How green do we need our world to be? How should we treat our fellow citizens? What should we pass on to future generations? Our daily lives pose difficult questions that we need to address, and we need to reflect further on what we used to take for granted/issues demanding action. This new reality is reflected in the business community and society where employees and leaders are expected to co-create new ethical, social and sustainable solutions. The ability for reflection lives in all of us. With Nordic Nine, we train this ability together to reflect on how each of us can contribute to a positive future.

Nordic Nine

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What is Nordic Nine?

Nordic Nine are nine capabilities through which we wish to inspire our students to contribute to solving societal challenges with compassion for themselves, others and the planet.

Nordic Nine is an extra dimension in our programmes that goes beyond skills and qualifications; a set of transformative capabilities that our students acquire, as Nordic Nine is reflected in all CBS’ programmes in different ways. Our teachers ensure that Nordic Nine becomes a trademark for CBS learning, so students at CBS know what to expect from their education and employers know what to expect from a CBS graduate.

Learning the Nordic Nine capabilities is probably the most important outcome of an education at CBS. With the world’s grand challenges waiting for us, we need entrepreneurial students that don’t get paralyzed by complexity.

Sustainability, Health, Security and Joy of Living are not small goals to achieve, and a holistic, cross-disciplinary education is the first step to fostering innovation and collaboration in these areas.

—Christina Lubinski, Professor at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy & Principal Investigator of the strategic initiative “Transformational Capabilities at CBS”


Listen in when 4 inspiring people take a deep dive into their respective Nordic Nine competences


Nordic Nine No. 1 - Camilla Kruse


Nordic Nine No. 2 - Mikkel Flyverbom


Nordic Nine No. 3 - Katrine Lee Larsen


Nordic Nine No. 4 - Christian Sparrevohn


Nordic Nine No. 5 - Christian Bason


Nordic Nine No. 6 - Melissa Kälin


Nordic Nine No. 7 - Henriette Christiansen


Nordic Nine No. 8 - Markus Fritz Hansen


Nordic Nine No. 9 - Peter N. Dupont


Nordic Nine functions as a catalyst for a strong, knowledgeable and talented workforce. In a collaboration between Nordic Nine, students and PA Consulting, we believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology driven world.

—Iben Träff Christoffersen, Nordic Head of Talent Acquisition & HR Manager, PA Consulting

At KPMG, we do not only value great skills and knowledge in our talents, but have a lot of focus on doing good for the broader society. For instance through critical thinking, understanding the difficulties in today's society and the ethical dilemmas we have to deal with, and creating an equal space for everyone.

The Nordic Nine capabilities tap really well into this, and ensure that CBS' graduates do not only have knowledge, but also create value with this knowledge and know how to translate this knowledge into actions.

—Anouska Wage, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, KPMG

The Nordic Nine capabilities highly resonate with our 5 core values in the VELUX Group that form the basis of our work globally. With these capabilities, we believe that CBS students and graduates will have the fundamentals for making an impact and a brighter future for themselves, organisations and the world we live in.

—Iben Schmidt Helbirk, Senior Vice President, People & Organisation, VELUX

At Demant, we work cross-functionally and have a great networking culture in-house. This goes hand in hand with the disciplinary skills and transformational capabilities of CBS students. We work internationally with big respect for the respective locations and their needs. But we also need to be competitive and are never satisfied with status quo.

Our most important goal fits perfectly well with the Nordic Nine: We try to resolve humanity’s challenges with our business. We want to change people’s lives to the better and open up their world by letting them “hear” the sounds of life again. In that sense, the Nordic Nine makes a lot of sense to our company and vice versa.

—Carolin Nielsen, Graduate Programme Manager, HR, Demant

As the jobs of the future change to reflect advances in technology – becoming more focused on relationships and problem-solving – the guiding principles of Nordic Nine are highly relevant and valuable. At Pleo, our core focus is to make sure we move forward in the same direction united by a shared purpose: to make everyone feel valued at work. Being able to execute in teams, think laterally and drive and solve business problems with compassion are capabilities we need and look for. But above all, having the ability to relearn and inspire others to do the same will make you really stand out and thrive in a scale-up environment like ours.

—Helene Jørstad, Talent Partner, Pleo


Creating Nordic Nine

Nordic Nine is made possible through ​an extensive dialogue between CBS and all its stakeholders. Around 3000 people have co-created Nordic Nine in workshops and surveys; employers, faculty, students, staff, associations and unions.

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