IBM - new Corporate Partner

The new Corporate Partnership between IBM and CBS is a contribution to Danish innovation


Partnership between IBM and Copenhagen Business School

Over the next three years the partnership between IBM and CBS will contains meetings with enclosure from CBS researchers, visiting lectures by IBM's consultants and specialists, possibilities for co-operation about research and students papers. One of the first things will be to establish a new conference center at CBS with IBM's name where students and researchers can meet, and where teaching can take place.

"A big part of IBM's business principles are build up around partnerships and therefore it's very important for me, that IBM is Corporate Partner with CBS, which is one of the most essential education- and research institutions in Denmark", says Lars Mikkelgaard-Jensen, director of IBM Denmark.

CBS is also very content with the agreement:

"The partnership with IBM underline that CBS wants strong, intensive and structured partnership with the business society. Partnerships that also support our international development", says head of CBS Finn Junge-Jensen.

More information

Anders Lund Rendtorff, director, IBM Denmark A/S

Phone: 28 80 40 05


Anders Monrad Rendtorff, director, Copenhagen Business School

Phone: 29 40 70 16


Through Corporate Partnerships, CBS wishes to establish close ties to a select group of corporations.

Corporate Partners gain access to researchers and to the latest results of Danish and international research. Furthermore, corporations have the opportunity to cooperate on new, cutting-edge corporate research projects.

As a Corporate Partner, corporations have the chance to get really close to the students through, for example, company presentations, trainee programs, assignments for the company, recruitment activities, and company-based case studies involving close collaboration with students and teachers.

When corporations are recruiting internationally for their subsidiaries and affiliates in other parts of Europe and overseas, CBS will be able to assist through its contacts to the fifty or more leading business schools that it works with worldwide.

In addition:

  • A Corporate Partnership means that an auditorium, or another facility at the school, will be named after the company.

  • Corporate Partners will be invited to CBS CELL executive seminars, workshops, and lectures and other activities involving visiting professors.

  • Corporate Partners are entitled to use the library and library services at CBS, including research literature updates.

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