A sharp leader

Christian S. Nissen is appointed Adjunct Professor at CBS


Christian S. Nissen is appointed Adjunct Professor at CBS

How do you lead a public, highly specialized organization in the cross field between market, bureaucracy, and profession. On 31 May 2005 CBS appoints the former general director at DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Christian S. Nissen. With his solid career as leader in the public sector, he is to focus on a new project field at CBS: “Management of specialized, innovative organizations in a global knowledge society”.

A sharp turn-around leader and big-bang director

“Christian S. Nissen is known as a sharp turn-around leader in large, public and highly specialized organizations and is most famous in roles as administrator at The National Museum of Denmark, as big-bang director at Rigshospitalet and as visionary general director at DR. Additionally, he constantly leaves his mark as a central debater and author within the management field and is, among other things, strongly involved in the debate on strategic and technological challenges for public service channels”, says Professor Preben Melander, who is director of the Center for Business Development and Management Technology, which Christian S. Nissen primarily will be attached to.

Sometimes feelings run high

For 25 years I have operated in strong, highly specialized cultures, and sometimes feelings ran high. On one side you have a specialized staff and their engagement and professionalism – thus also narrowness, on the other side you have the run down “modern management”, which is often considered as a superficial generalizing change-mania. With the connection to the strong innovative research environment at CBS, I will get a chance to continue working with this correlation, which will continue to get more attention in the knowledge society”, says Christian S. Nissen.

In his inaugural lecture, Christian S. Nissen will outline the background for the correlation and give his first view on some of the development perspectives in it.


15:00-15:10 Welcome/ by President Finn Junge-Jensen and Center Director Professor Preben Melander

15:10-16:00 Inaugural lecture: “When management culture meets culture”/ by Adjunct Professor Christian S. Nissen

Place: Solbjerg Plads 3, DK-2000 Frederiksberg

Room: Tuborg Lecture hall, 2.02

The inaugural lecture is public, but registration is necessary. Contact Henriette Kofoed at

hko.om@cbs.dk or phone: +45 3815 2906

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