WRDS - Wharton Research Data Services

WRDS provides access to financial data, accounting figures as well as banking and management information. CBS students and staff must register to get access, click "More info" to learn more about the registration procedure.

WRDS contents

Financial data, accounting figures, banking and management information. Data are pulled from a variety of databases and data sets but can be accessed from a shared interface.

Resources thus available through WRDS include COMPUSTAT, CRSP, and OptionMetrics. Please note that CBS does not provide access to all WRDS databases and data sets.

CBS students and staff must register to get access to WRDS.

How to register with WRDS:

CBS students and staff only.

Go to the WRDS website

Fill in the form "Register" (please make sure that all fields are filled in correctly):

  1. ”Institution”: Select Copenhagen Business School
  2. ”Account Type”: If you are a student, select "Masters Student"
  3. Fill in name, e-mail address (CBS e-mail address is mandatory), user name etc.
  4. Please accept WRDS ”Terms of Use” before completing registration.

Within a few days you will receive a confirmation that you can start using WRDS

Erik Sonne, es.lib@cbs.dk

Søren Madsen, sm.lib@cbs.dk

WRDS  facts

Period Depends on data set
Geography The world
Provider Wharton Research Data Service




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