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Danish-language encyclopedia, published by Gyldendal. Handy for quick references and definitions.

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Danish-language encyclopedia. Contribution is open to everyone after the approval of validity by an editorial board. Articles thus reviewed are tagged with "verificeret".

Originally Den Store Danske only contained articles from Gyldendals own encyclopedia, however recruitment has now been expanded to include other works of reference.

The system allows you to search across sources or in one source at a time.

Reference works comprised by Den store Danske Encyklopædi:

  • The encyclopedia contains more 170.000 entries (as of Summer 2011).  The database partly consists of articles are partly pulled from Gyldendals own handbooks and partly of new articles written by users. All articles pass through a review process and often contain internet links and  references.
  • Dansk Biografisk Leksikon (3. ed., 1979-1984): contains some 13.500 biographical descriptions of prominent Danes, both current and historical
  • Gyldendals Leksikon om Nordisk Mytologi (2. ed., 2009):  800+ articles about Nordic gods and giants, mythological narratives, etc.
  • Gyldendal og Politikens Danmarkshistorie (2. rev. ed.., 2002-2005): 17-volume work on the history of Denmark until 2000.
  • Historien om Børnelitteratur – dansk børnelitteratur gennem 400 år (1. ed. 2006): Danish children´s literature between 1568-1967.
  • Symbolleksikon (2009): contains 1.400 articles on symbols written by Finn Stefànsson.
  • Gyldendals Teaterleksikon: Articles on theatre, primarily Danish.
  • Danmarks Oldtid (2.  ed.  2006): Danish antiquity between 13 000 BC - 1050 AD by Jørgen Jensen.

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Coverage 170.000+ articles
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