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PhilPapers - Philosophical Research Online

Index of articles and books covering philosophy, history of ideas, and history as well as area studies, the humanities, and social sciences. A lot of the titles are available in full-text,
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Sage Navigator

Social sciences literature review tool. Subjects include business and management, media and communication, psychology, politics and international relations, sociology, criminology, education, geography, and health and social care.
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Oxford Reference

More than 100 works of reference across a wide range of disciplines. Handy for finding quick definitions.
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Who cites whom? Identify connections in English-language scholarly literature based on references and citations.
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Social Science Citation Index - SSCI

Citation database with a social science perspective. Conduct subject, author, and title searches or use article references to find out who cites whom, thus identifying new and more recent articles.
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Wittgensteins Nachlass

The Wittgensteins Nachlass collection includes all of Ludwig Wittgenstein's unpublished manuscripts, typescripts, dictations, and most of his notebooks.
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