Company database comprising information about more than 200 million companies worldwide, including 760.000 Danish companies. The database also covers the banking and insurance sectors.

Orbis contents

Orbis ia a company database comprising information about more than 100 million companies worldwide, including 760.000 Danish companies. It also covers the banking and insurance sectors.

Data include

  • Financial information. The system operates a 10-year window for listed companies and a 5-year window for all other companies.
  • Information about industry affiliation
  • Brief accounts of company history and main activities
  • Contact information, including address, phone number, e-mail, website, and link to Google maps
  • Management and board member directory
  • Patent information

Four key elements

  1. Ownership: information about shareholders, subsidiaries, equity interests (direct and indirect), ultimate owners etc.
  2. Mergers & acquisitions: Orbis is linked up to the database Zephyr that contains information about mergers and acquisitions etc.
  3. Patent information: Orbis contains information on over 83 million patents worldwide. The information source is the PATSTAT database, established and maintained by the European Patent Office (EPO).  PATSTAT is a worldwide database containing bibliographical data on the majority of patents currently in force. To integrate the patents data from PATSTAT into Orbis, it is matched to BvD IDs. This matching process is currently not exhaustive, for several reasons:
    •    Not all applicants for patents are reported through the PATSTAT database.
    •    Not all patents have company applicants, and individuals are not included in the matching process.
    •    The PATSTAT database aggregates many different sources with various coding policies. This makes the matching process more complex, and it may not always allow for the inclusion of all patents.
  4. Analysis
    •    Segmentation: Two variables (e.g. industry and turnover)
    •    Peer analysis (peer report): Benchmarking; financial data; a maximum of 500 companies
    •    Aggregation: Aggregates of financial data from selected companies
    •    Statistical distribution: distribution of a given variable across companies (e.g. turnover)
    •    Concentration analysis: relative ratio of a given variable

NB: No access to Global Reports, Royalty Agreement and Industry Profiles.

Historical financial data

ORBIS also provides access to historical financial data from 2000 onwards. Historical financial data on European companies from 1995 is available in AMADEUS. The historical financial data is only available on a single PC and access requires an appointment. Please contact Erik Sonne, es.lib@cbs.dk

Further reading: Overview of resources containing historical financial data (pdf in Danish).

Hints from the librarian 

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Orbis facts

Coverage 200 million companies
Period 5-10-year windows
Geography Worldwide
Provider Bureau van Dijk




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The database is available on CBS campus and through remote access.
Only CBS students and staff have access through remote access.