Strong WISTA presence in the latest Blue MBA

A practical example of the value of diversity in the maritime industry has come to the fore in Denmark, all the more significant because of that country’s prominence in global shipping.


Strong WISTA presence in the latest Blue MBA class

The Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics (the Blue MBA) is welcoming in its intake of 2013 an impressive total of seven members of WISTA (the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association). The women began their two-year, part-time studies on 23 September 2013. The fact that the prestigious program has attracted such a strong representation of women who are making use of WISTA’s educational and networking benefits is a sign that emerging female leaders in the industry are seeking to enhance their management skills by the best means available.

Irene Rosberg, programme director for the Blue MBA and the current president of WISTA Denmark, said: “To respond to the calls for diversity consciousness, the shipping industry needs to recognise, appreciate, value and utilise the unique talents and contributions of women who are aspiring to have a fulfilling career that delivers benefits to their own organisations and to the wider maritime field.  Gender is seen as having characteristics which influence the way we think, act, interact, and make choices and it is therefore necessary to try and work towards integration of a diverse work force within this industry.”


Photo from All About Shipping (by Jeppe Carlsen)

*The picture shows the ladies attending their first module of the Blue MBA at Copenhagen Business School, together with their professor, the guru of maritime economics Dr Martin Stopford, and the program director Irene Rosberg.Left to right:   Irene Rosberg (Copenhagen Business School), Sofia Fürstenberg (Maersk Maritime Technology), Lene Lillelund (Danish Army), Dr Martin Stopford, Ulla Nielsen (Norden), Heidi Gutierrez (Maersk Drilling), Despina Theodosiou (Tototheo Group), and Mariika  Virrankoski-Poulsen (Clipper). Not in the picture: Martina Meinders (Marin Ship Management).

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