Shaker A. Zahra wins Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2014


Professor Shaker Zahra wins The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2014.
Shaker A. Zahra is the Department Chair, Robert E. Buuck Chair of Entrepreneurship and Professor of Strategy in the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. He is also the Academic Director of the Gary S. Holmes Entrepreneurship Center. He has served also as the Academic Co-Director of Carlson Ventures Enterprises as well as the Founding Co-Director of the Center for Integrative Leadership at University of Minnesota. Previously, Shaker was Paul T. Babson Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson College and Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship at Georgia State University. He has been a visiting or guest professor at several universities in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Shaker has also held the 3TU Chair in International Entrepreneurship at the University of Twente in the Netherlands.
Professor Shaker A. Zahra will be visiting CBS December 2nd. Read more here.

Motivation for this year’s winner:
Professor Shaker Zahra has accumulated an impressive record of exceptional scholarship, consisting of theoretical, empirical as well as institutional contributions. His research has been remarkably diverse, spanning three main areas and literatures within management and strategy: corporate entrepreneurship, international entrepreneurship, and social entrepreneurship. He is best known for his work on the role of corporate entrepreneurship in knowledge creation, absorption, and conversion. However, Professor Zahra’s impact has been considerably broader and extends beyond these research areas, and even beyond the broader fields of management and strategy. His research has been recognized by and had an impact on a broad spectrum of scholars spanning a wide range of fields and disciplines throughout the social sciences. His research has been done in an international context, with applications throughout the world. Professor Zahra has served on over 25 journal editorial boards and has leading roles in many organizations devoted to entrepreneurial scholarship. His impact on the scientific community eminently qualifies Professor Zahra for the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research.  The ceremony takes place in Stockholm December the 3rd.

See Shaker A. Zahra's Acceptance speech.

More information on the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research:
The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research (€ 100.000) is given by the Swedish SFS/Nutek Associations. Read more about the award:
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