New innovative strategies for public managers

CBS has launched a new version of the executive programme Master of Public Administration (MPA). It has been tailored for public managers, so they are able to meet new challenges, handle the demand of more for less and create robust solutions in a time of challenge


The MPA programme is based on the new reality of the public sector and the challenges faced by public managers up to 2020. Global, social and demographic changes create whole new terms and conditions for the development of welfare and public value. In the next years, CBS has assumed the task of formulating an answer to these problems and has relaunched its public management flagship. Christian Tangkjær, Vice Dean, says:

- There is no doubt that the public sector is under an enormous pressure to perform better for less. At the same time, the modern citizen has changed his perception and expectations to public welfare. This leads to great changes in relation to how the public sector is organised in order to face the welfare challenges. I am very happy that we have been able to develop a new version of this executive master programme. It will definitely strengthen managerial competences in this area, he says.

The new MPA programme has been developed to create visionary and efficient managers who are able to design strategies and new value-creating solutions. They must be able to think strategically and create more value for less resources - and on a sustainable basis. The MPA is thus based on the main themes managerial capacity, public value, and innovative strategy. Add to this an integral master thesis. Research-based teaching in combination with cases, labs and solutions of practical problems in the participants' own managerial context. Dorthe Pedersen, Programme Director:

By working intensely with a new strategic insight and specific possible solutions, the participants are prepared to be proactive and provide solutions to the challenges faced by the public sector. Our vision is to train managers to think beyond the box and find new paths, she says.

Public value
MPA is aimed at managers in the public sector, interest organisations and the whole public-private element. It has been designed to develop managerial competences at a strategic level, which enables the participants to analyse and understand complex governance, organisation and managerial challenges in a public context. They are provided with new perspectives on action that enable them to design new strategic solutions of public value. In general, the participants are trained to involve, mobilise and target relevant resources, actors and organised actions within their own managerial scope.

- The participants can really make an impact during the two years of training. They get help up the career ladder, but it is also a benefit for society: Just as the private sector, the public sector is affected by the financial crisis and budget restrictions. Seen from a societal perspective, it is important that managers are able to assume far more demanding managerial tasks in order to ensure the best possible welfare for less and at the same time mobilise new resources, partnerships and possible solutions, says Dorthe Pedersen.

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