Get ready for the deadline for Quota 2


15 March 12.00 noon is the deadline for Quota 2 applications and for applicants with a non-Danish secondary education. To help you get your application ready and to answer some of your questions up front, this article holds the answers to the most frequent questions.


by Sanni Brandt

Will my work experience be taken into account?
You need to have 30 hours of work each week at the same job for a minimum of one month (that is 120 hours) for it to be considered as part of your overall assessment. If you have two jobs and you work ten hours at the pizza place and 20 hours at the local supermarket, unfortunately your total 30 hours cannot be taken into account.

Can I write a motivational essay?
If you are applying for one of the below mentioned bachelor programmes, your motivational essay is a ‘must-have’ for CBS. The motivational essay is in fact the most important part of your application in Quota 2 if you apply for one of the listed programmes. For all other bachelor programmes; save your time. CBS does not assess your essay.

BSc in International Business (Motivational essay must be in English)
BSc in International Business and Politics (Motivational essay must be in English)
BSc in Business Administration and Sociology (Motivational essay must be in English)
BSc in Asian Studies Programme, Japanese/Chinese (Motivational essay must be in English)
BSc in Business, Language and Culture (Motivational essay must be in English)
BSc in Shipping and Trade (Motivational essay must be in English)
Erhvervsøkonomi HA – projektledelse (Motivational essay must be in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian)
Erhvervsøkonomi HA – filosofi (Motivational essay must be in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian)
Erhvervsøkonomi HA – psykologi (Motivational essay must be in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian)

Are my English skills sufficient?
If your exam is not on the list of upper secondary exams fulfilling the English proficiency requirements, you need to take a test. Find out if you are home safe English-wise here under ‘English Level A’. Please note, that the last date to take the test in due time is 20 June 2014.

What about my math skills?
Math is the ONLY course you can supplement after the 5 July. If you are supplementing, make sure to write it in

When and how do I submit my application?
All your documents, motivational essay, school papers, documentation of work hours, travelling and other education MUST be uploaded to your application at by 15 March 12 noon.

The deadline for uploading your documentation for what you finish after 1 January 2014 is 5 July 2014 at 12.00 noon Danish time – please be aware that this deadline is firm and not subject to waivers and/or extensions.

Please be aware that we cannot confirm receipt of your signature pages or your application.

If you are using NEM-ID to apply, sends an e-mail, when you have submitted (godkendt) each of your applications.

If you e-mail your signature pages to, you will receive an automatic reply, which means that CBS has received your e-mail. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to make sure all the signature pages are attached to the e-mail.

Any further questions?
If you cannot find the answer to your question in this article, please see here, where even more questions are answered.

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