18,608 applicants for CBS’ bachelor programmes this year

CBS has received 8 percent more 1st priority applications compared to last year. President Peter Møllgaard is pleased with the many applicants but emphasises that there are many paths to an interesting and meaningful working life.


The quota 1 application deadline for bachelor programmes was 5 July 12 noon. New figures show that CBS received 18,608 applications, which is 9 percent higher than last year. Among them 6,545 applicants have applied for a bachelor programme at CBS as their 1st priority, which is 8 percent higher than last year’s record high.

The average increase in 1st priority applications across the Danish universities is 4 %.

“We are pleased, grateful and proud that so many people want to study at CBS. We put a lot of energy into offering attractive, modern education where interdisciplinarity and community are absolute priorities. This way our students graduate with insights and knowledge that enable them to not only contribute to the business community but also create value in society. We live in times of big global challenges such as AI, green transition, and geopolitical crises,” says Peter Møllgaard, President at CBS.

At CBS, we look forward to welcoming a lot of new students to our community.

Education cap results in fewer study places in the future

“A more unfortunate consequence of this high number of applicants is that we must reject many qualified applicants. And in the years to come, we will have to reject even more students because of the cap on study places,” says Peter Møllgaard.

Therefore, he has a message for all the applicants about lifelong learning:

“To those who are accepted: I hope your study start will be the beginning of a long and strong relationship with CBS. And to those who unfortunately is not accepted: Your work lives will be long. The first rejection is not going to define the rest of your school or work career. At CBS, we believe that everyone will go back to school multiple times in the future, not just at the start of their career but throughout it,” says Peter Møllgaard.

Applications will be answered on 26th of July

Answers to all applications will be sent by email from midnight on 26 July. Those who are offered a study place can log on to the online student service and accept the offer.

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