Welcome to PhD Freya Seeger


Welcome to Freya Seeger


I am happy to welcome Freya Seeger as a new PhD student in the Department of Marketing at Copenhagen Business School.

Freya has a master’s degree in leadership studies from Copenhagen Business School with a focus on neuroeconomics. Having gained eight years of work experience within e-commerce strategy and marketing across Europe’s largest retail brands, she has utilized qualitative and quantitative research methods in understanding consumers in her daily practice. She is particularly interested in experiments to better understand the subconscious mind's role in decision-making.

Freya’s research focuses on consumer behavior studies, particularly on coolness and how coolness can be defined, measured, and applied. In her Ph.D. research (funded by the Carlsberg Foundation), she will use quantitative methods to identify coolness dimensions across industries and evaluate the implications coolness has on contemporary consumption. 

Welcome, Freya, we look forward to working with you.

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