The CBS Public-Private Platform's Collaboratory 2012

The Collaboratory takes place the 30th-31st of May

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 09:00 to Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 16:00


Many contemporary matters of public policy concern ‐ political, economic, social, and cultural ‐ are no longer seen as amenable to being solved in terms of a traditional divide between public and private actors and sectors: whether the subject be the environmental and financial crises, health governance, crime prevention, inequality, development, or the efficient and effective delivery of ‘core’ welfare services, these pressing issues are now regularly represented as too complex to be solved by single agencies, whether public or private in institutional location. One of the dominant themes in contemporary policy debates is the need to find novel solutions to these problems that mobilizes the capacities of all sectors and institutional actors ‐ public, private, and third, without making a priori assumptions about who or what agents are best placed to secure what purposes. Inventiveness in politics and public policy has thus come increasingly to centre on the manner in which ‘the mobilization of society’ can best be developed, and this goal has assumed ever more salience in an environment of increasing austerity and often severe cutbacks in public spending.The first annual CBS Public Private Platform ‘Collaboratory’ focuses on the ‘mobilisation of society’ as a key contemporary policy goal, explores some of its core drivers and assumptions, the sorts of techniques and devices informing its operationalisation, and the shifuing involvements of public and private actors and sectors in its realisation. A collaboratory combines the words “laboratory” and “collaboration”. We put emphasis on creating a new meeting space for discussion on collaboration between the public sector and the private sector. This year’s Collaboratory brings into dialogue key figures involved in developing novel public policy thinking and practice in a range of areas and contexts, with members of the Danish government, public services, business community, NGOs, and academia. The aim is to initiate an open and productive sharing and exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience, with a view to enhancing the development of innovative and robust solutions to some of our most pressing societal challenges.Themes addressed at the workshop include:


  • From ‘radical re‐invention’ to ‘small scale adjustment’: the power of ‘nudge’

  • Creating the ‘Big’ Society: ideas for social renewal

  • Partnership, innovation and the conditions for growth

  • Governing the local level in a period of austerity

  • Innovating Public Services: co‐creating for a better society?

  • Governance Challenges: today and tomorrow 




  • Ida Auken, Danish Minister for the Environment

  • Tom Bentley, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Australian Premier Minister Julia Gillard

  • David Halpern, Director of the No10/Cabinet Office Behavioural Insight Team

  • Christian Bason, Director of Innovation at MindLab

  • Rick Muir, Associate Director for the Public Sector Reform at Institute for Public Policy Research

  • Katie Schmuecker, Associate Director at Institute for Public Policy Research North


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