The CaseLab@CBS Initiative: 'Knowledge for Impact'

Members of the public and CBS community are cordially invited to attend an inaugural event for the CBS initiative: CaseLab@CBS.

Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 16:30 to 18:30

As managers, we cannot always rely on the insights and knowledge of others; it must be our own knowledge and insights that we use. Case Lab is the place, where we create own knowledge – knowledge for impact. CaseLab@CBS 1.0 -'Tokyo Jane', a Danish fashion jewelry company.

Our first Case Lab will be around "Tokyo Jane", a new case developed by Professor Robert Austin, Professor (MSO) Dana Minbaeva and Simon Schäffer. Tokyo Jane is a young and growing Danish fashion jewelry company, whose founders are experiencing the “growing pains” of a successful entrepreneurial firm. At the beginning of the case, Tokyo Jane has been confronted by an important customer about quality issues in products shipped to him. A heated debate results, between the two founders and one of their employees, in the process surfacing issues of poor quality management, but also of personnel development, internationalization strategy, brand definition, business model, and communication.

We promise you an interesting and highly participative experience that will call on you to offer your insights into a challenge facing a Danish business right now. After a highly interactive case discussion, the entrepreneurs themselves will weigh in with their thoughts. Your feedback will be crucial to both the subject company, and the authors of the case. Furthermore, something you learn at this event might help your company someday.

The event will be followed by the networking reception hosted by the CBS Entrepreneurship Platform.

All the best, CBS Entrepreneurship Platform Team.

Sign up by sending an email marked 'Tokyo Jane' to
no later than April the 7th.

Organized by: CBS Entrepreneurship Platform
Date: April 10th.
Time: 16.30 - 18.30
Location: PHR 22, S20, Råvarebygningen


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