CBS kicks off the new semester with Responsibility Day

For the fifth straight year, the new bachelor students went to Responsibility Day at CBS and met a very enthusiastic senior management


On Monday, the new academic year at CBS was kicked off at the Falconer Hotel & Conference Center. More than 1500 new bachelor students turned up together with Per Holten-Andersen, President and the rest of CBS' senior management: Alan Irwin, Dean of Research, Peter Jonasson Pedersen, University Director, and Jan Molin, Dean of Education.

Per Holten-Andersen had the pleasure of meeting the new hopeful students for the first time, and they all engaged in a dynamic dialogue with the senior management on how to be a student at CBS. The President emphasised that students at CBS have been granted a very unique opportunity:

- You are going to embark on a university education of the highest standard, he said and added: It takes a lot of hard work to be a student, and we expect that CBS will be proud of you.

CBS Students, who moderated a panel discussion with the senior management, encouraged both the President and the rest of the management to elaborate on the "good CBS student" with only one word:

- Commitment, energy, ability to achieve, and international focus, said the management, somehow challenged by having to elaborate that particular issue with only one word.

Committed students from day one

The audience was very committed and listened intensely to the President.

During the panel discussion, the students challenged the management on various issues - from describing the difference between CBS and the University of Copenhagen to explaining CBS' major focus on CSR and sustainability. And the President said:

- Today, it is not enough to focus on finance and business understanding with a view to running a business. You need to be a citizen of the world, develop constantly, think ahead and act sustainably.

Per Holten-Andersen also reminded the students that studying is not only about reading a lot of books.

- It is important to have a social life, to meet other people and enjoy life! Being a student is not just homework and projects. If you show commitment, you have the possibility of making your time at CBS a truly amazing experience, he said.

Responsibility Day was held for the fifth year in a row, and featured a presentation by CBS Students, a guest lecture by Christian Stadil, Owner and Chairman of Hummel, and of course the panel discussion with CBS' senior management.

Responsibility Day is a collaboration between the Dean of Education, the bachelor programme directors, and the intro guides. It is coordinated by the CBS Office for Responsible Management Education. The event takes all day. Each programme meets in the morning and gather for a presentation of CBS later.

In addition to being an introduction and welcome to all new bachelor students, the Responsibility Day is especially held to create an awareness of social responsibility, ethics and sustainability of both the business community and the university sector.


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