Institutionalising Sustainable Business: A Citizenship Approach by Professor Jeremy Moon, Director, International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR), Nottingham University Business School

Friday, March 22, 2013 - 14:00 to 15:30

The CBS Sustainability Platform is pleased to invite you to a seminar with Professor Jeremy Moon, who will be introducing his ongoing work on CSR and citizenship, taking a starting point in a book chapter entitled  ‘Corporations and Citizenship in New Institutions of Global Governance’ (co-authored with Professors Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten) in the Oxford University Press 2011 publication ‘The Responsible Corporation in a Global Economy’ (edited by OC Crouch and C Maclean). 

The chapter starts from the notion that treating corporations in the language of citizenship is often considered as controversial. This is usually because it is regarded either as a distraction from their market responsibilities for which corporations are principally responsible or as an unaccountable intrusion of corporate power into the political sphere.

The book chapter contributes to the theme of the responsible corporation in a global economy by taking a citizenship approach to the roles of corporations in new global governance. The authors introduce the general theme of corporations, governance and citizenship, present a conceptual framework of three corporations and citizenship relationships to be offered as a basis for understanding corporate contributions to new institutions of global governance. Turning to the global context, the authors provide a general introduction to corporations in globalization and explore how different corporate citizenship-like relationships play out in selected institutions of global governance.

Jeremy Moon is Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility and Director of Nottingham University Business School’s International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, one of the leading research centres in Europe in this field. Professor Moon has a BA and PhD in Politics from the University of Exeter and has previously been affiliated with Nottingham University’s School of Law, the University of North London and the University of Western Australia. Professor Moon is on the Editorial Boards of Business and Society and has edited a number of books and special issues on CSR. His research interests include Government and CSR; Comparative CSR; Conceptualising and Theorising CSR and Corporate Citizenship.

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