Turnaround challenge: Is there a role for (new) business in creating a sustainable world?

Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 14:30 to 16:00

The CBS Sustainability Platform would like to invite you to join our next Sustainability Seminar with Michael Blowfield, Senior Research Fellow, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Oxford University, on Thursday 14 March, 14.30-16.00.

What if green growth fails? What are the options for prosperity if 9 billion people inhabit a world with over 2oC mean temperature rises, applying solutions which are restricted by protracted financial crisis? In that scenario, what especially are feasible roles for business in building prosperity given the interplay of social, economic and environmental crises?  This talk examines where we stand with current approaches to building a prosperous resource-constrained economy, the consequences for business and the alternatives that are plausible.  It builds on work from a new book of the same title to be published in September 2013.

Michael Blowfield is the Head of the Private Sector Transformation research area, specializing in transition to a resource-constrained economy, and the role of business in society. He has lived and worked in 20 countries, written papers for the UK government, the European Commission, the UN and the World Bank, and has worked on several projects analyzing corporate responsibility in developing countries. He is currently focusing on the role of business in helping address climate change and other dimensions of sustainability.  His publications include Corporate Responsibility (OUP 2011 2nd edition with Alan Murray), Business and Sustainability (OUP 2012), and Incongruence: Twenty-first century business’ turnaround challenge (OUP 2013 with Leo Johnson).

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