Join us for Leadership Week in Week 44!

How do we lead public innovation? Organization, practice and value creation in Leadership Week 2022

How can you as a manager work with co-creation, design, self-management, trial and error and the shadow side of public innovation? 
Join us for an exciting Leadership Week after-work meeting where you can meet Anne Reff Pedersen and other contributors to the book 'Leading Public Innovation' and discuss leading innovation in the public sector. 
The event will take place on Thursday 3 November between 16:30 -18:30 at Copenhagen Business School, Dalgas Have 15, 2000 Frederiksberg. You can register here.

Innovation doesn't have to happen by 'turning everything upside down'. In fact, this approach can create dissatisfaction and stress.


In celebration of Leadership Week in week 44, CBS is focusing on public leadership with a series of articles bridging the gap between research and public leadership in practice.
In this article, CBS professor (mso) Anne Reff Pedersen talks about the conditions for innovation in public organizations.
She has been researching the field for a number of years and argues that democratic decision-making and a more bureaucratic form of organization are not incompatible with innovation, as many might think:
"There's a perception that innovation is sitting under a tree and coming up with radical ideas about how to change everything. But innovation is much broader than that and can just as easily be when managers or staff succeed in engaging citizens in a new way, for example. That's why it's important for public managers to be close to the business, so they understand the processes and how they can be adapted and made better," says Anne Reff Pedersen in the article.
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