International Women's Day 2020 at CBS



Working and living in a post-#Metoo World?

This questions has been discussed at the International Women's Day 2020 at CBS on March 6. The event featured a short live concert from Følsom Front, a danish queer-feminist and anti-capitalist activist band, that has received outstanding positive feedback. Furthermore. two panellists have discussed feminist påolitics in and around organisation as well as gender-based violence and intersectionality. Among others, CBS invited panellist from the Danish Institute for Human Rights and Sex og Samfund, Professors from various universities and practicioners.Visually, the artists Maria Kapajeva showed her video "Test Shooting" that has been displayed in several museums across the world. We are looking forward to another very successful International Women's Day in 2021!

Sidst opdateret: Business in Society platforms // 12/06/2023