The Anti-Money Laundering procedures should be automated says CCG professor Tom Kirchmaier

Professor Tom Kirchmaier calls on thorough reform of the current regime set up to fight money laundering. The current regime has shown to be unsuccessful, Kirchmaier concludes.


In a recent article and feature in Finans, Professor Tom Kirchmaier expresses why the Anti-Money Laundering regime is unsuccessful. In his opinion, the regime is in urgent need of thorough reform. Professor Tom Kirchmaier suggests, that the Anti-Money Laundering procedures should be automated if the effectiveness should increase in the future. 

Tom Kirchmaier is Professor of Governance, Risk, Regulation and Compliance at the Centre for Corporate Governance. His primary research areas involve Law and Economics, Boards (Gender), Banks and Policing and Crime. 

Tom Kirchmaier

The article and feature was brought in Finans on July 17, 2019. 

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