The Workplace as a Meritocracy?

Research seminar: The Workplace as a Meritocracy? A multilevel perspective of how social (in)equality accumulates in organizations.

Mandag, 2 marts, 2020 - 10:00 to 12:00


Preliminary program

Please note that you may participate in the morning and/or afternoon part of the program.

10.00-12.00   Research seminar with Dr. J. van Dijk, Tilburg University
Work plays a crucial role in rising social inequalities, which refer to unequal opportunities and rewards for different social groups. Whereas the conventional view of organizations as meritocracies suggests that work is a conduit for social equality, we unveil the ways in which organizations contribute to the accumulation of social inequality. In our Cumulative Social (In)equality in Organizations (CSI-O) model, we outline how initial differences in opportunities and rewards shape performance and/or subsequent opportunities and rewards, such that those who receive more initial opportunities and rewards tend to receive even more over time. These cumulative social inequality dynamics take place via nine different mechanisms spanning four different levels (individual, dyadic, network, organizational). The CSI-O indicates that the mechanisms interact, such that the social inequality dynamics in organizations tend to (a) exacerbate social inequalities over time, (b) justify social inequalities over time, and (c) manifest themselves through everyday occurrences and behaviors.

12.00-13.00   Lunch

13.00- Informal paper development workshop
In conjunction with the seminar, we would like to organize an informal paper development workshop on issues related to gender, work, and society (a detailed description/call for papers is attached). Our aim is to provide a venue for scholars from a wide array of disciplines (e.g., economics, sociology, social psychology, etc.) to debate new directions in research on gender, work, and society, and discuss their own work in progress on these topics. Although we expect a dominant focus on women and gender at work, we also welcome submissions in other areas of social difference and inequality (e.g., age, disability, race/ethnicity, migrant status, etc.). If you would like to submit an extended abstract for discussion (approx. 1000 words), please do so by February 20, 2020 by emailing Aleksandra Gregorič ( Participation without a paper is also welcome.

Hans van Dijk

About the speaker

Hans van Dijk is Assistant Professor at the Department of Organization Studies at Tilburg University. Hans’ main research focus is on diversity and inclusion in organizations. He attempts to bridge research focusing on the business case for diversity with research focusing on the exclusion of individuals belonging to historically disadvantaged groups in organizations. His research shows how stereotype and status-related processes contribute to the exclusion of individuals belonging to historically disadvantaged groups as well as to lower performance. He has published studies on this topic as a lead author in a variety of journals, including Academy of Management Annals, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Business Ethics, and Frontiers in Psychology. Two other areas of Hans’ research interests are refugee inclusion and meta-research.

Date and time: 2 March 2020, 10.00–12.00
Followed by lunch and a paper development workshop

Location: Copenhagen Business School, Kilevej 14 A, 2000 Frederiksberg, Room: K2.53

Please register no later than February 25 2020.

Registered participants will be contacted with the final program a few days ahead of the event.

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