Identity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Organizations

Join us when Florence Villeseche talks about why these topics are relevant to discuss today.

Tirsdag, 3 oktober, 2023 - 15:00 to 16:00

Photo of Florence Villeseche

The topics of identity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace are high up on the political and business agenda, leading to heated debates across practice and academia. However, these topics are not that new - they have been discussed at least since the 1970s, and there is still much ahead.

Why are these topics important for organizations and why are they still being discussed today? What has changed over time, if anything? How is Denmark doing compared to other countries? What does it mean to talk about woke organisations and CEOs?

In her talk, Florence Villeseche will address all of these questions, as a basis for an open dialogue with the audience on these vital yet sensitive topics. 

Florence Villeseche is an associate professor at the Department of Business Humanities and Law at CBS.

Time and place:
3 October 2023
CBS Library Forum, Solbjerg Plads lower ground floor.

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