Get behind the scenes of political party leadership


The media may sometimes give the impression that political leadership is all about power play and agonising press conferences; circumstances that make the job even more demanding.

In the new book Seks indspark fra den politiske virkelighed (political leadership - six accounts of the reality of politics), former members of Danish political parties Knud Enggaard, Jakob Buksti, Preben Wilhjelm, Søren Bald, Aage Frandsen, and John Wagner openly explain what it is like to have a key position in a political party.

Behind the book is the CBS network for management in practice, the Center for Applied Management Studies (CAMS).

- The six authors all find that leadership in political parties is about collaboration – at all levels and across parties, says Knud Erik Nielsen, coordinator of the CAMS network.

Part of a large documentation on leadership
The book is no. 31 in a series on Danish Leadership in the 20th century, initiated by the CAMS network in 1998. This series has provided a forum for former top executives to voice their opinion and share their ‘peak experiences’ - experiences revealing details about cooperative movements, trade unions, small and large private companies and public organisations.

- We invite managers to write about their management experiences across industries and time. The goal is to provide a broad orientation and personal narratives about Danish management to students studying management in particular, says Knud Erik Nielsen, Coordinator of CAMS.

’Seks indspark fra den politiske virkelighed’, published in 2014 by CBS Press, 186 pages.