Meet Gargi, a student from Innovation in Health Care

Why did I choose my programme (and CBS)?
This programme appealed to me because the global healthcare industry is facing numerous structural, demographic, technological and financial challenges that require innovative solutions. The skills required to enable these innovations are becoming increasingly important, and the IHC programme provides us with the tools and knowledge we need to make a meaningful impact in this ever-growing industry. 

CBS is an amazing institution that provides its students with unique opportunities, which made it a very appealing university to me!

What do I like the best?
I love this programme due to its multidisciplinary approach! My classmates and I are from such vast backgrounds (ranging from business to pharmacy to clinical photography), and this provides for such a rich learning environment in lectures and group work. Another thing that I appreciate is the hands-on approach to business in the healthcare sector that the programme provides - it's super useful coming from a non-business background and wanting to learn the ropes of the industry quickly.

How do I experience the difference in academic level between my bachelor and master programme?
There is definitely a significant difference! First, it's a completely different degree (from drug formulation to business development and innovation), but also how the class schedule is structured! CBS allows for approx. two class-free days per week, which makes it possible to work part-time in a student position while studying. 

Furthermore, the workload and distribution of it is also quite different from the bachelor - in the sense that you are more independent in your studies on the master's level.

What are the biggest challenges in my programme?
Even though the multidisciplinary background of the students is a key strength, it can also make the initial phase a bit tough. It was challenging to understand the business keywords and parameters but even that was planned for, as we had intensive crash courses in both health and business to ensure that the entire class was on the same level.

I also found that the program was structured in a different way than what I was used to from my bachelor. For example, some of the semesters are divided into modules, which was challenging in the start.

What would I have liked to have known before starting my programme?
Two things that would have been nice to know would be: Firstly, the networking opportunities. The programme offers opportunities for networking with industry experts and alumni. Knowing this in advance could have helped me prepare to make the most of this opportunity. Secondly, the pre-requisite knowledge. In IHC, it’s important to have a clear understanding of basic concepts in healthcare management, innovation and healthcare systems before starting the programme.

What do I want to do after finishing my programme?
I am extremely interested in business development and consulting (which are two career paths that go hand-in-hand) so I would definitely want to explore that after finishing my programme. With my background in pharmacy, I’m extremely interested in the life-science and pharma industry, and firms like Simon Kucher & Partners and Deloitte are on my radar!

Another option that appeals to me is the graduate programme at companies like WSAudiology, Novo Nordisk, EY and so on. These programmes are a fantastic way of getting to know the corporation.

If I could give myself a piece of advice, before starting it would be…
I would definitely put time management as the highest priority. CBS has many events for students, which are so interesting to attend. Furthermore, there are many exciting organisations at CBS as well, which also require quite a bit of commitment so I would definitely advice myself (and others!) to be good at time management and strategic about it.

I would also tell myself to not take it all too seriously and enjoy the programme as it goes along. Deadlines and exams are important, but so is a healthy work-life balance!

Sidst opdateret: Web editor - Student Communications // 11/07/2023