Meet Piraveena, a student from Digital Business.

Why did I choose my programme (and CBS)?
My bachelor at DTU was a mix between technology and business, and I find this aspect interesting and very up to date with the qualifications that are currently in demand. 

Furthermore, it is possible to study this master’s part-time, so I can work full-time on the side, which allows me to test the knowledge that I am receiving at CBS almost instantly. 

I think a part-time master’s allows me to work and study exactly in the balance that I want, and honestly I hope to see more master’s where this is possible. 

What do I like the best?
I enjoy that there is project work as well as the more traditional classes. It gives us the opportunity to apply the knowledge in a realistic setting. Most corporate jobs now have some type of project work, and it’s good to already be comfortable with and learn how to cooperate in this type of work. 

The diversity of the students is really great too, as not everyone is from CBS. You get to meet students from other countries and other universities, and they all have different ways of approaching a case study - which is really helpful.        

How do I experience the difference in academic level between my bachelor and master programme?
At DTU, the classes were more frequent and a lot longer. At CBS, there are not that many classes, which is fine, as the classes seem more focused. At my bachelor’s, we also had several assignments that had to be handed in prior to the exams. At CBS, I have only experienced assignments that made sense and helped up be ready for the exams, which I appreciate a lot more.                 

What are the biggest challenges in my study programme?
I believe the law aspect is an unfamiliar territory for me. It has been difficult understanding the EU Internet Laws, and applying them to case studies is harder than you would think. It’s a new way of reading and understanding for me, but the professors are good at conveying the laws, and I found the subject surprisingly interesting, as it’s about all the cases we see and hear about in the news. 

What would I have liked to have known before starting my programme?
I believe I have been well-informed from the get-go.

Perhaps for the part-time students, I would recommend having a chat with your company supervisor or school supervisor to plan how work and school will balance out. It’s a bit tricky in the start, and you need to be a good planner and make sure you have time to attend classes and find a project group that can meet after work hours. I was really lucky to find a group that is supportive and flexible towards my work schedule. 

What do I want to do after finishing my programme?
I’m starting in a new position as Project Manager at Novo Nordisk at Global IT. 

I believe this master’s is a perfect match for this position, and I hope to have become an even better project manager with this master’s. I want to work in a cross-field between technology and business. I enjoy technologies that are designed to help people and make our current work processes more efficient. Ultimately, freeing time from workers to spend on family, hobbies or immerse their time into a subject at work

If I could give myself a piece of advice, before starting it would be…
It is important to balance your socials with work and school. Immersing yourself into work or school 100% is for me at least an unhealthy balance. You can have all three things but it does require prioritizing and make sure your are not too burdened. Especially, with doing the part-time, have ongoing chats with your manager about the work load and make sure that important deliveries do not clash with your exams 

Sidst opdateret: Web editor - Student Communications // 04/05/2023