Meet Mátyás, a student from BSc in Business Administration and Sociology

Why did I choose my programme?    
I was always interested in studying a programme, which combines humanities with business, therefore SOC was a great choice. I wanted to understand why societies act the way they do, how it can be explained and studied, and what it implies for the future. I always found working in the ‘intersection’ of two fields exciting and productive as well, which is something that this programme is aiming at too. 

What do I like the best?    
My favourite aspect of SOC is its interdisciplinary nature. Here, a problem rarely has only one solution or one single good way of approaching it. Rather you have to draw on multiple sources of knowledge, even from a different course to provide your solution to the task. This, I think, teaches us a valuable skill set for our time in the labour market in the future. The second thing I would highlight is that the professors make sure to teach you a way of thinking and help you to really understand the material. Therefore, they nurture an environment where the focus is on comprehension rather than on examination. 

What do I think is difficult?    
I found keeping up with the assigned readings the most challenging part. This programme requires us to comprehend texts, research or studies from a broad range of time periods. Therefore, it may sometimes take long to get used to a way of phrasing if it’s a text from the 19th century. Especially if the phenomenon it describes doesn’t exist in that form anymore. Another difficult aspect is to find the right study-work-social life balance throughout the semester, as you not only have to keep up with the course materials, but also shift the balance of the three occasionally. 

What would I have liked to have known before starting my programme?    
A good advice would have been that it’s perfectly fine to not be on your ‘A-game’ at all times, as long as you don’t switch off completely. People are very kind and helpful towards each other on this programme, so it’s easy to find someone to help you out with a bit of finance or social theory. It’s also easy to get confused about the necessity of certain materials especially in the beginning, but if you just trust the process, you’ll be all fine! 

What do I want to do after finishing my programme?    
I would like to continue my studies at CBS on the master’s level in International Business and Politics and would like to continue working in Denmark. 

If I could give myself a piece of advice, before starting it would be…    
At the beginning, just take a deep breath and do everything the way it is most comfortable and productive for you. It isn’t a competition, and what a works for someone else, might not work for me. 

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