Using triangulation to assess services brand success

Seminar on Brand Management with Professor Leslie de Chernatony, Birmingham Business School, UK.

Torsdag, 21 oktober, 2004 - 15:00 to 17:00

Centre for Marketing Communications will be holding a research seminar with the distinguished international branding scholar, Leslie de Chernatony, Birmingham Business School, UK.

Leslie will be presenting some of his current work on brand valuation.

Leslie de Chernatony is professor of Brand Marketing at the BirminghamBusinessSchool. His research focuses on brand marketing and has resulted in a significant number of publications in European, American and Asian journals, along with numerous presentations at international marketing conferences. He has had several books published, the most recent being De Chernatony & McDonald (2003), “Creating powerful brands in consumer, service and industrial markets,” Butterworth, now in its 3rd edition.Having won several major research grants, he leads a team of researchers, as Director of the Centre for Research in Brand Marketing, investigating factors associated with brand success.

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